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Corporate Classes & Groups

I offer corporate and group classes, with mat and chair based options that can be tailored to your requirements. Classes can include meditation, mindfulness and yoga or a combination to suit your companies requirements.  

The class can be held at your offices or at a hired venue and can be for on a one off event or regular offering.

Prices start from £70 per hour.

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Corporate Classes

This is a local group of ladies that requested a mixed class.  We began with a mindfulness exercise, followed by a breathing practice and then brought this into our yoga practice.  The majority had not practiced yoga before and there was a range of different aliments within the group.

The company split their workforce between two groups for the sessions.


Larger groups can also be catered for an are priced upon request.

Claines Guides wanted a session to include a breathing practice and a yoga practice suitable for pre-teens and teenagers.

I started with an energising breath then moved onto some yoga flow and finished with some partner work which proved very popular.  

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